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To refer a patient

Call us at 1-246-422-1263 or 1-246-436-7576.

Professional Care

Our licensed doctors and faculty physicians and expert assistance with referrals, admitting patients, and consultations.

Admission and Outpatient Appointments

The staff is experienced in coordinating urgent and elective admissions and appointments to hospitals and clinics. To start the admitting process, have the patient’s name, gender, date of birth, national id number, mother’s maiden name, home address. We’ll gladly consult with you to complete the admission process.

Patient Transfers and Transports

Staff will help you coordinate with the attending physician, admission services, and, if necessary, The Endocrine Center. Staff specialists may also assist you in arranging transportation to the University of Chicago medical campus if it is needed.

Physician-to-Physician Consultations

The next time you need a physician-to-physician consult, call us for assistance during every stage of patient care, from diagnosis to discharge to home care.



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